Goblin Town, video made by Jack Barraclough

Cat Call. Video made by James Stringer

Ravioli Me Away

Since forming as an art band in January 2013, Ravioli Me Away have performed extensively at various events, venues, festivals and galleries in th UK and across Europe including Arnolfini in Bristol, The Royal Festival Hall, Wysing, Supernormal & Supersonic festivals, GSA, Studio Hrdin in Praha an PLATO-Ostrava City Gallery. We have released two albums as 12” LPs and appeare on radio shows on 6 Music, Resonance FM and NTS Radio. 

Theobald, Dorrer and Ridgway have each been involved in the UK DIY post-punk and electronic music scenes for over a decade and formed through a mutual absurdist humour and approach to exploring identity, politics, human relationships, love, gender, class and current affairs. Using performance, art and music, their lyrics and stage presence are loaded with pop references, metaphor, satire and cliché. To date they have together written and produced up to 30 songs and have performed over 80 concerts, each high-energy and curated to reflect a different theme inspired by everyday life eg, City workers, beauty queens, sportsmen and beatnik poets to more abstract interpretations of everyday life such as luggage, snacks and e-bay. More recent performances have been iterations of their own individual alter-ego/characters.

***Ravioli Me Away see and explore symptoms of society. We see ourselves as agents that point out phenomenon and respond to it. We try to sift though it and respond to the surface by challenging audiences perceptions and expectations.***

Live performances have included shows at and affiliated with galleries including: Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge; Arnolfini, Bristol; S1 Gallery, Sheffield; Pilar Corrias, London; Fuse Arts Space, Bradford; Lima Zulu, London; Reunion gallery, Zurich; PLATO, Ostrava City Art Gallery, Ostrava. Played at DIY Spaces that support performance and music including: Power Lunches, London; GoodJob, London; Open School East, London; DIY Space For London.

Festivals including Supernormal, Oxfordshire; Supersonic, Birmingham; Wysing Music Festival, Cambridge; Theadfest, Bradford; Ecoutes au vert, Geneva. Commercial music venues such as The Lexington, The Victoria, The Macbeth as well as supporting legendary post-punk band The Fall at Electric Brixton. RMA have also played various charity events including The Beautiful Octopus Club (Heart n Soul) at The South Bank Centre, London and FGM Awareness fundraiser event hosted at The Ritzy Picture House Cinema and have toured the UK three times and across Europe twice.

In 2014 Ravioli Me Away released their first 12" LP ‘The Inevitable Album’ on Good Job Records, had a split 180 gram vinyl record released by independent label Upset The Rhythm, and a Limited Edition tape of live recorded material produced by Ben Wallers of The Country Teasers/The Rebel released on Neen Records. Ravioli Me Away have also appeared on various compilations by independent labels including a 12" record by Brighton based label Riots Not Diets.

In September 2016, RMA released their second album, ‘Living Is a Myth’ with Upset The Rhythm.

Ravioli Me Away recently toured their first Opera ‘The View From Behind The Futuristic Rose Trellis’ which launched in Feburary 2019.