What about this?...
Are you really here?

If you are, then how do you know you are?

Are you looking for confirmation in the eyes of the person sitting next to you?
Do they know you? ..and if so how do they recognise you?

Is it from your jacket? Your hairstyle? Your dependable moral compass, witty remarks or bad


RMA invite you to experience TVFBTFRT a poetic, vivid and generous multimedia extrava-
ganza that creates a stylistic and comical portal celebrating life and all who perpetually squirm

in it.

An experience that offers escapism from escapism! ...a genuine contempt for continuity and
a true disdain for brain bloating its audience with a standardised straightforward narrative.
A soundtrack to everything and a monument to nothing TVFBTFRT sings and dances its
way enthusiastically through inner and outer realities sifting through its characters to reveal

moments of golden clarity to be shared by all.

Watch carefully now... look there through the leaves! ...it’s YOU! ...ME! ...and every his her
and them slurping from the hot steamy saucepan of consciousness! Bon appetit friends, when

you wake up tomorrow you might be someone else.